Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

The cost of the Easy Way

When I left my life as a public servant, I had settled into a pretty comfortable work existence. I knew my way around my workplace, and how to make things happen the way I wanted them to happen.

I then moved onto a low stress job, all care no responsibility, where I quickly settled into a comfortable groove accepting the creature comforts, forming some casual friendships and establishing boundaries around what I was happy to do for the money that was in offer.

I am now working in Canberra, far from my own family for the working week, and initially I was happy to be a bit lazy and put my hand into my pocket to cover a great deal of creature comforts. This has recently triggered a bit of consideration. And that has lead me to cutting back significantly at a saving of something approaching $100 week.

The thing is, so far this has not particularly reduced my enjoyment of life. My coffee intake going from ten, to two coffees a working week, means I now enjoy those I have – rather than being a screaming mess absolutely needing that caffeine each day. I am still drinking two Cokes a day, but they have gone from large bottles to cans. I have also greatly reduced the never of takeaway meals I am buying, again leading me to actually enjoy the food rather than it just being “lunch”.

My sacrifices are adding up. All together, I would rather more holidays with my kids, over a coffee a day. $3.50 a day, $17.50 a week, $350 every six months. That’s just one coffee. Feel free to add $50 (generally more like $65) a week saved on lunches.


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