Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Transport Tuesday

Chafing at the bit…

Today I’m eagerly anticipating two days from now.

I have two firsts coming up this week: My first “brand new” car, and my first “financed” car. It will be a Hyundai i30 CW SX station wagon, for those who care about the specifics of these matters.

Up until now, all the cars I have owned in my life, I have pretty much paid cash-on-the-spot – although in this electronic financial age that has taken the form of “whack it on the credit card mate” more than a couple of times. However, up until now, that credit card was only a means of paying for the car, not funding the purchase – it has always been paid in full the month after.

I have to say. What a massive pain this whole finance deal has been! Ordering a car couldn’t have been easier. But the finance people, and their paperwork, which I was very careful to give them incredible lead times to sort out – well they left it till well after my first phone call, until they had less than one week to go, to start sending me the forms they must have before the car can be delivered.

Anyway. I am aiming to remain calm, and I am aiming to be home Thursday night, and I am aiming to drive my brand new car for the first time the day after it is delivered, to go and see my parents-in-law.


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