Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Road Tripped

Headin’ home. Picture thanks to my darling wife!

We’ve had the new car delivered. We’ve gone “Wow!” at the shiny newnessness of it all. It’s had its’ maiden voyage complete with children, and today, it had a peaceful, quiet, wonderful, blissful trip back home again, with the kids left behind at Nan and Pops house.
I love my kids. I can tell, by how wonderful it makes me feel to leave them with family!
Seriously, in small doses – all three for short amounts of time, or any one of them for quite long times – they are great. But all together, they gang up on us really quickly.

Which is why it’s so fantatstic that Bec’s mum is taking all three of the kids for a week. The emotional respite is as important as the phyiscal respite. Added to that, the respite from having to be phyiscally responsible for the safety of a child who is quite unreliable at respnding in any way to his own name, in any situation whatsoever.

Our trip home was fantastic. We could stop, with or without any discussion beforehand. We stopped for lunch, when we felt like it. We wandered around, and when we had enough of the shops, we left!

We didn’t head straight home. We stopped and at dinner, by wandering around Blacktown, and finding somewhere we felt like eating! It has to be at least ten times as hard to find a place for five people to eat, as it is to find a place for two people to eat.

By Tuesday, when I arrive in Canberra, my new car will have ticked over 1,000 km, and be ready for its’ first service – it will have been well and truly run-in. So far, it’s been fantastic. I hope it gives us a lot more happy family motoring, as well as reliable and economical “professional” motoring getting me between Sydney and Canberra, over the coming years.


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