Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Transport Tuesday

Today marked the start of a short week post the Labour Day weekend in NSW and ACT (along with most of Australia). So happily, my first trip from Sydney to Canberra in my new car was on Transport Tuesday – it was meant to be!

I had been concerned earlier that a smaller car than my Rodeo ute would be a bother on the road. It has proven itself in over 1200 kilometers to just eat up the road. I arrived at work this morning feeling better than any first day of the working week since I had started work in Canberra. This was a combination of a large range of all the features which have made their way into a base model car in the last ten years, when both my wife’s and my own utes were built, and today.

Less than one week after purchase, my car is booked in for it’s 1000km service. I feel it is well and truly “run in” and looking to be a firm member of the family for a while to come. Happy motoring!


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