Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Life through a lense

I had my lunch with a friend today, one of the very few who know me both online and face to face. It really is a small group!
Our discussion came around to my blogging about the car, and my photos on Instagram and Facebook.
He is a person who values his camera and has carefully considered the way on which one camera is better for him to take the photos of subjects he finds interesting than some alternative. Not a day goes by without him posting photos online. Taking photos as a continuous record of his life is simply “what he does.” He has indeed been an inspiration for me and in the time I have known him I have been taking far more photos than in the past.
When I look at my own photos, I take photos when I am relaxed, in my own comfortable environment, taking photos of subjects they are near and dear to my heart. The familiar.
We are not quite chalk and cheese in this, however the difference is significant. I am taking far more photos than I did a year ago, possibly I will be taking more another year from now. But inspiration so far is intermittent.


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