Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Best of both worlds

Tomorrow, two wonderful things happen for the Westie family: Our kids return to school (alathough, there is some sort of industrial disruption going on… ), and thanks to the quirks of my own work arrangement, I stay home thanks to a public holiday.

My youngest son, who has Autism, will be over the moon to be back in his routine school setting. His school holidays have been quite limited in their routine: he spent the first week at home, then a weekend in the car, followed by a week with his grandparents, before finally returning home today. The change from home to his grandparents provided some stressful moments for not just himself, but it seems his brother, sister, and both grandparents. His brother, Magpie, seems to have handled the stress the least successfully of everyone.

And tomorrow, they are back to school. We are aiming this term to get Magpie into some form of assessment, and there are a range of diagnoses which would be unsurprising to either Bec, myself, or his teachers.

The flipside is the wonderful public holiday in the Australian Capital Territory, “Family & Community Day“. It’s a new one on me, having only ever worked in New South Wales before (which does not celebrate anything similar to this day). Even though my family will be either at work or at school, I will be staying home, and will make the most of my opportunity to have an extra night with Bec and the kids. In the spirit of the day, I hope you have some extra connection to your family or local community tomorrow.


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