Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Mutual support

I wrote about The Cause a couple of days ago. The same motivation has me coming back to talk about “support.

The Autism community is made up of a lot of people. Most of them are not the people with Autism. This is because there are so many more people effected when a child or person is diagnosed with Autism, and so many people seeking to profit from delivering services on a professional basis – medical, paramedical, alternative medical, educational, respite – the list of services people access is pretty extensive.

Largely though, parents, carers and grandparents of children with “Autism like behaviour” seek out people who live Autism 24/7 more than they do the health professionals. I know my own reasons for this but I would not seek to suggest my own reasons apply to anyone else. I do know that several years after even thinking about seeking a diagnosis, I turn to parent focussed blogs, Facebook pages, and websites, far more than I do to professional such as Sue Larkey. While I may turn to somebody like Sue for factual information about some specific event or behaviour, I look to blogs and social media conversations about how people live their lives.

And I put myself out there in a pretty similar way. A way that I hope validates and acknowledges what other people think. Sometimes I ask what these people would do in my situation. Sometimes I just talk about what I do, why, and what the response to that is – from my son, and the other people he deals with. I’m happy to hear directly anybodys opinion on what I do. And I am happy to say to anyone directly what I think of what they are writing. Or if I’m not, then I’m happy to disregard it. The Internet is a pretty big place, I’ll find something I like, somewhere.

I might talk about how I don’t agree with people who opinions aren’t most heavily influenced by “the evidence”. How I disregard anything that isn’t double blind testible. How differently I might deal with a behaviour, or a treatment regimin, or stimulus. How I feel dietary interventions must be a result of bloodwork, otherwise, how do you know what element of what you are doing is actually changing behaviour?

But I would either specifically call out an example of a post on a site like Age of Autism (no, I’m not linking to that site – I’m yet to find anything on it I feel I could in good faith recommend anyone read) as something I disagree with… or I would not go into detail about the concepts I dispute. I have far more time to support the people I agree with, than call out the people who I dispute or disagree with. Life’s too short.


3 responses to “Mutual support

  1. Thankful October 8, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    Thank you x

  2. mumtoj October 11, 2012 at 12:39 am

    Totally agree, well said Westie

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