Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Family themes

I read today an interesting article regarding “middle child syndrome“, discussing the relative benefits and drawbacks which people face having been born as not the eldest, not the youngest, but “in between“.

I will be honest; I am skeptical.

Then I come home to my Aunty discussing her attitudes at work and with her sister and brothers, and how she sees that no small portion of this comes down to – like me – being the youngest sibling in her family. Which left me considering some interaction I have had at work this week.

I know that I am not focused at work on changing the opinion of anyone. I certainly don’t hold back from espousing my own opinion, and that is certainly true more generally than just at work. However, people can either agree with me… or well I guess they are free to be wrong. No skin off my nose. And this seems to be exactly what my Aunty is suggesting is common for youngest siblings – we can never sway our elders (in our own family) and we learn how to do without changing their opinion, and possibly “just getting on with it anyway.”

I would be interested to hear what you have experienced in your life and where you fit in – only child, eldest, youngest, or somewhere in the middle.


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