Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Restaurant review: Silver Spur, Penrith

In the spirit of Alan at his blog “With Sauce On That” I thought I should write up a review of tonights meal at Silver Spur Steakhouse.

Unlike Alan, it’s a bit difficult for me to ask all diners of their opinon of the meal, as one of my fellow diners remains effectively non-verbal. However, I noticed that he certainly tucked into everything which came his way with healthy abandon and certainly enjoyed the facilities immensely¬† – as he does each and every time we return to this venue!

However I am getting ahead of myself and I should commence at the beginning, which is usually a good place to start.

My wife rang and made a booking for 8. This seems to be quite a late start for a family with children as young as ours and indeed we ended up being the last party to leave… not all our fault, but anyway… We arrived promptly at 8, and amazingly, we were seated immediately. This in fact is a first! We have always had to wait at the bar. So possibly in future our bookings may have to be later in the evening, to avoid having to wait o be seated.

This is most certainly a family friendly steakhouse. The menu features a very glossy seperate childrens section full of the specials, there is a childrens entertainment area which generally has a dedicated staff member “wrangling kids” and painting faces, along with a kids movie pit (small scale home theatre style setup) and a few Playstation machines set up. If you come here for a quiet date you have the wrong place. So the menu is about as you would expect.

We ordered garlic prawns, along with crumbed mushrooms as an entree. They came together, with our bread, which was a great start. No pictures of the starters sorry… Oops!

A pretty reasonable steak from Silver Spur Steakhouse, Penrith

The mains were a slightly different story. I ordered steak, Bec ordered “slow cooked lamb shanks” and we ordered a couple of kids meals for the boys (which were… kids meals, hardly worth writing about nor photographing). The mains turned up. Our side order of vegetables, did not. Well after we had started on the mains, we were asked how things were going… and we asked about our side… *oops* red faces time.

Shanks Melting off the bone!

They were bought out to us and we were told they would be complimentary. Hmm, I

would prefer to pay for what I order – because I had recieved it when I wanted it!

The kids got their desert, and somehow in there somewhere, Bec and I ended up getting comped for coffee and brandy at the end, too. Good coffee. But the brandy was in a liquer glass? Hmmm.

Saving the best to last? The coffee was quite good!

Overall score? Well, it’s a kid-friendly steakhouse.
It certainly IS kid friendly. The STEAK was quite good, and the service friendly if poorly coordinated. The prices are OK – you don’t come here for the cheapest price around, but you don’t get ripped off for “sausage on a bun” to feed the kidlets, either.
On that wonderful basis, I score Silver Spurs Steakhouse 7 out of 8.
Just don’t come on a night when the Panthers are playing at home.


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