Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Movies of my life

Throughout my life, I have been happy to get absolutely engrossed in a wide range of movies.

I was born in the era of colour movies in the cinema, and black and white ones on the television at home. Nobody owned a VCR because video tape hadn’t been commercialised – leg alone PVR’s! My earliest movie memories are all “Cowboy and Indian” movies with actors like The Duke.

Then on a trip to visit my cousins we went and watched Grease at the cinema. It is the first movie I remember seeing at the cinema and it stayed with me for a very long time. A close second was Spielburg’s ET, because it was the first movie I recall seeing at a drive-in (remember those? 😉 )

For a while I was a very big fan of Star Wars, mainly Episode IV: A New Hope. However the release of the second (prequel) trilogy has taken the shine off the series for me.

I loved The Matrix series, along with Lord of the Rings, and I am very much looking forward to The Hobbit (which – gasp! – I have never read!)

However, right now, my favorite movies would be the Bourne series. Including the most recent one! If you have not yet seen it, you should.


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