Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

What’s so great about that, anyway?

It is seen somewhat as a baseline to intellect: What is your favorite book?

My first ever favorite book. And it’s still great!

My favorite book, along with my favorite movie and television show, have altered dramatically through the years. I still remember my first ever favorite book, and I’m happy to say that my children have enoyed it, too: Go, Dog, Go! by P D Eastman.

It is a great book. A ripping read. With a fantastic vocabulary that helps to give beginning readers confidence. I loved the book as a kid, and my kids loved it as they learned to read. For my youngest, this is even more special, because at the same time as he was learning to read, he was learning to speak.

I don’t know what makes a book your favorite, but an emotional connection to moments in our lives, seem like quite a good reason to me, for a book to be my favorite. This book to me, triggers memories of being cared for by my extended family while my mother recouperated from a motor vehicle accident. This coincided with my commencement in school, and our moving to a new house – a house which was ultra moddern, clean and new, compared to the one we had moved out of. The new house had so many clever tricks and secrets which I’m not sure how far I should trust my own memory with. Thirty years later, it was one of a very small number of books I looked forward to reading to my own children.

There have been many books I have read and enjoyed in the last thrity five years. But this one wil be my favorite hopefully to the time I am reading it to my grandchildren, and beyond.


One response to “What’s so great about that, anyway?

  1. westybec November 4, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    don’t forget the spell check, as modelled by the publishers of that fantastic book 😛

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