Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Quick swim!

This weekend my youngest son has been showing us a fair bit of what makes him a unique person with Autism rather than an “autistic kid.” While I’m not as all-or-nothing as some about people-first language I do overall see their point.

Just the other day Bec noticed that BTB Fan had responded appropriately to a question – that he was eating fruit. Today, I asked him what he should do to his bowl before he left the table nad he responded by telling me “I put it in the sink.” These are the kind of small changes that we have seen throughout the year, which individually are quite small, but overall add up to a child who is much easier to deal with than he was at the same time last year.

We topped the weekend off with a quick trip to the pool and back – made the decision, walked the 15 minutes to the pool, had our swim, announced with very little notice that we would be returning home – so within two hours we’d decided, gone to the pool, and returned for a (slightly) late lunch. Agian, his improvements in both receptive and his own language skills, allow us to get to and from the pool in two hours – a year ago, a two hour trip anywhere would have been lucky to give us five minutes where we had actually set out to be.

Can’t wait to see, what hte rest of the school year can bring our littlest man.


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