Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Talents, are what you make of them

I’m sure all of us have talents. They are in us, somewhere.

Mine tend to be more intellectual than practical, a way of thinking rather than a way of doing. My organisational thinking, and need to categorise, has no doubt imprinted quite strongly on my two sons, and in its’ own way on my daughter – it is there, just not as obvious.

My skills are in mathmatical and problem solving, which have shown through in the work I do, and in the work I was able to do in the Army Reserve in training new troops in use of radio equipment. Even though the reserve members were specifically selected as being likely to be able to learn how to use this type of equipment, many had significant challeng in learning how to use them.
When I come to artistic expression, my talents let me down significantly. I may be able to lean a technique or tool, but that is different to coming up with the inspriation which leads a person to come up with a reason to make use of that technology.


These talents I have, have kept me well employed up till now. I see that the talents my children have, will provide plenty of opportunity in their lives, so long as they have the inspiration, and motivation, to turn those talents to something which others see a reason to pay for.


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