Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Recipe for Success

I would really hope that anyone who reads my blogs will see that beneath the discussion of Autism, family relationships, and even sport, my recurring theme is “success.”

Success in what we are doing, gives us validation that what we are doing is working. This helps to add to our feelings of self worth. How, though, can we be sure to succeed?

Success is pretty simple, really. It’s quite simple in almost all areas of life, and generally, those of us who fail to succeed do so for a few very common reasons. So what then is the recipe for success?

  1. Identify the goal. If we don’t identify the goal, we won’t know when we have reached it, so we won’t be able to identify and recognise our success.
  2. Identify the starting point or conditions. We need to be able to measure our progress. This will assist in keeping us on track toward achieving the success.
  3. Ensure that the distance between the goal and the starting point is achievable.
  4. Make sure that the motivation for reaching the objective will actually motivate us to work toward the objective.

Without each of these, success will come at random, and when we miss our routine success stories we will be demotivated and feel doubt about who we are, or the value others have for us.


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