Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Wonderful new website

Many moons ago, while working to improve the state of technology within the largest gaol Australia had to offer at the time, I had a few challenges on my hands. One was coming to terms with the differences between my youngest son – born just before I commenced that job – and his siblings, and another was isolation in the middle of an established community. It takes time for a civilian to breach the trust of people in a common uniform, it is quite a universal experience, however I had some private space, an Internet connection, and a need to reach out.

I found the parenting blog on the Brisbane Courier Mail at some time by accident and my comments are scattered through Felicity Moore’s work there over the years. I like to think I had some input into some of the topics she covered. She has since moved on from News Limited and is branching out to do other work.

So I’m quite interested to see what comes of her newest offering over at The Write Way. While a fair few people I know online write quite a bit, Felicity is possibly the professional writer I follow the most. I will be quite interested to see what comes of her new endeavor.

Best of luck Flick!


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