Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Sunday. Westie Style!

Sundays are a dichotomy here at Westie Central. They always start late, peaceful and relaxed. But soon after they become chaos and mayhem.Early on, I set my goals for the day: to go to the pool and swim laps. To ensure my laundry was done for the week, and my bag packed. That I spent some time relaxing.

Simple goals. Yet children, especially it seems my children, seem to be able to complicate such simple endeavours.

It started simply enough, with breakfast. Then “a chat” about “household chores“. One of those chats that people have with their kids about a job that it would be quicker to just do the job yourself – but that is not how to teach a person anything. So we haf a similat discussion to one we have most weeks, about who washed up how many times this week and how we all need to work together if we want to do anything with our weekend like “go for a swim.” While that sorted itself out, I attended to some other chores that are not so readily delegated.

Those done, I asked who was coming to swim laps with me. I handed out another job to someone who said they would rather stay home, when @Westybec said she was going to come, too. This ended up triggering a mini meltdown and not from Bob the Builder Fan but from one of the other two, who didn’t respond well to the change in plan.

But we walked to the pool. Part way there, Bob the Builder Fan stopped with me to read a “christmas letter” sign in some random person’s front yard. While his “elastic band” is becoming quite long, he does not appreciate being left behind – ever – and he was quite upset that his mother and siblings continued on. His brother and sister are “stepping up” when it comes to helping to keep him out of harms way in public. So today, his brother and sister took turns making sure he was going through the motions of using a water slide then lining up to do it all again, while I – and Bec – swam some laps. I’m not that great a swimmer, but it felt good to do some “serious” swimming rather than just “play in the pool.” Princess P and Magpie also had a bit of a go at swimming. They are both almost pool safe…but a long way from 100m “drownproof“, and they would really like to stop swimming every third stroke while they breath.

When I had quite enough of attempting to not drown – I’m a far from elegant swimmer – I bought the youngest one home. We stopped part way to gossip about gardening, which was a welcome distraction. My son and I made it home in time to chill out, and have a post-chlorinated-pool shower, before the caphony of Princess P and Magpie returned home with their mum.

My afternoon was a pleasant relaxation, before being under the pump to get ready for my week at work.

That’s a pretty typical Westie Sunday in Sydney. I hope yours was fantastic, too.


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