Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

My month, in detail?

I am going to make a point of not skipping this blog prompt on my list of blogging topics for the month. I am also going to gloss over this topic quite briefly in an effort to catch up on the day I missed, because I am a day behind where I need to be.

Yesterday, I spelled out in pretty solid detail my routine week. My routine month, does not particularly vary week to week. I can bore anyone quite solidly by pointing out the repetitiveness of my life… I could also say that apples don’t fall far from the tree, and I have a son whose diagnosis is characterised by an over fondness for routine.

My months, then, consist of a collection of quite similar weeks.

As the months pass, my routines vary steadily as the weather turns. What my children are getting up to outside of school has a massive impact on my weekend arrangements.

I’m also going to plead that I can’t particularly detail my year in great detail. So tonight I’m deviating from the listed topics, and don’t actually know right now what I will be producing in a short time.

Tomorrow night, is intended to be about aspirations for the year to come. That is a post I am looking forward to writing and I hope it turns out positively!


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