Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Australia. We’re not the USA.

There are fundamental distinctions between the USA and Australia. These distinctions are rooted in the origins of each country, which has directly impacted upon the constitution of each country, which has then influenced the laws of that country and the rights of it’s citizens.

The constitution of Australia is very much “just another act of Parliament.” It passed before parliament before the collection of colonies became a federation, on July 9th 1900. At that time there was uncertainty as to would Western Australia (or even New Zealand!) be a state.

The constitution makes it clear that the Federal Government would have direct accountability and responsibility of a wide range of issues which are spelled out in Part V. This itself makes it clear that from the outset, the Federal Government of Australia is “big Government,” by design involved, interested and enmeshed in issues such as the health, education, commerce, defence and policing of the people of Australia – and initially the social security of the aged and infirm (amended via a referendum to ensure that payments to a far wider range of beneficiaries would not be challenged as unconstiutional).

This then is quite a contrast to the Constitution of the United States of America, written as a conclusion to a war of independence, to bring together a union of states rather than a federation. A union not interested in establishing a “big government” interested in entwining itself into the daily lives of citizens.


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