Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

In the Capital for the weekend

This weekend, work is a Bit Busy. Of course, there is a possibility that it could be less busy if they were better organised… but they refuse to listen to me, so well they are doomed to be busy 😉

Given my current employment situation, I have taken the opportunity to maximise my immediate earning possibilities. This is of course at the cost of my Spending Time with My Family Opportunities. It is a risk but one I am forced right now to make.

When I make hard decisions like this, I much prefer to find that my time is spent well and productively, achieving As Much As Possible. However, tonight I found that my time was not used at all for what was intended for me to do. At one point it seemed as though I had simply been delayed about four hours in leaving Canberra for my trip home. Instead, it ended up that I was able to hang around in isolation and get some preparatory work done for the coming weekend.

I am very hopeful that the mornings coming will be great, and I will be able to enjoy Canberra, before heading to the office in the mid afternoon. I hope your coming weekend is a calm before the storm that is the Festive Season.


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