Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Runkeeper – an iPhone app review


20121223-134104.jpgToday I set out to make good on some poor habits I have been living to over the last ten or so months in Canberra.
While there has never been a problem with the food I’ve been eating, my activity levels in Canberra were far lower than up till the end of 2011. So I thought I could employ some tech to help put my body back to normal.
First cane a surprise that I’m no heavier than I ever have been, but the waistband of my pants says that’s because fat is bigger than muscle.

I went to the apps store and downloaded RunKeeper, and found it to be easy to set up a profile and navigate. I went for a run and found it easy to use, and the voice prompts were enough to motivate more effort than I had been putting in.

Then I got back home.

I wanted to tweet about my running.
I ended up logged out, which is no big drama. Except it wouldn’t let me back in, and even though it has sent me one email it tells me that my email address is not registered.
Not only that. Their help page says to report this, I should submit a ticket.
Which requires of course that I log in …

Fail, guys. It was good till you locked me out but now it’s just dead storage on my iPhone.


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