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Now on YouTube – BestieBest3000

BestieBest3000Everyone who follows my blog.

I would absolutely LOVE it… as would my son… if you could pop over to youtube and check out BestieBest3000. This is the work of my son Magpie, who turned nine years old only a few days ago.

Working on quite a low spec PC running Ubuntu, he has been working out how to do a wide range of tasks. How to find out what version of Java he has, so he can work out how to install Minecraft in user space.

What software he needs, to record screen movies.

How to then record what he does on the screen, so once he works something out he has his own video tutorial to watch until he can remember how to do it more easily.

How to upload his own tutorials to youtube, so he can share them!

I’m really proud of what he has done. So far it’s pretty simple videos… but I have real thoughts that with the way he is going with the latest, he is going to come up with some real surprises sometime soon.


2 responses to “Now on YouTube – BestieBest3000

  1. Suse December 27, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    I’m going to go check it out – I loved your recent post where you told him to get online and find out what he needed to know – I’ve been using that approach with my 12yo who wants to make a Lord of the Rings Lego movie for a school project next year. Well done little Westie.

    • Westie December 27, 2012 at 10:19 pm

      Thanks Suse! His clips are very much him feeling the way one step at a time, he’s very young and he has nobody teaching him how to do what it is he wants to do… it’s all him!

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