Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Professionally Challenged

Today was a great day. And at the same time it was terrible.

I was faced not once but twice to make choices, which could be profitable in the here-and-now, but possibly leave me feeling unhappy with myself.

I was offered a great opportunity regarding the job I had last year. However, it came with a suggestion I felt uncomfortable with. So right now I’m in a slightly uncertain situation where I may have said something which may ultimately rule me out of a job.

In the second instance, again about a job – I applied for what seemed to be a very casual job which might keep mr occupied, but I had no intent to make too much of a priority. I interviewed for it last week, and my experience leaves me far and away a suitable candidate. But today I felt I simply had to say that what I found at the interview was a far longer running project which would see me as a fairly fundamental – albeit lowly paid – participant in. But I felt I was not able, at the rate they are offering, to commit to the timeframe they are planning.

So. Possibly, my ethics have stood fairly hard tests this week, but so far I feel sound in my decisions.

Here’s hoping only one of these choices has cost me any money. Because the other, will rapidly make good any losses from the first.


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