Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

About the Westies

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I have recently moved from Western Sydney with my wife Rebecca, and my kids Princess P, Guitar Hero Addict, and Bob the Builder Fan to a new home in Northern Canberra. It had been an interesting Summer.

The youngest has Autism, and is generally non-verbal.. although in the last year that is changing quickly, who knows what is coming for 2014? We are working hard to help him find a place in the world and enjoy school, sport, and other activities.

While my children are happy to have as much time as I can give, my life is full with work in computer support, and a wide range of other interests  such as Australian Rules Football. After two years of travelling to Canberra each week for work, we are ecstatic that we met the plan for me to pick up another job before relocating the familyto Canberra late in 2013.

You can find me online with the same user name on Facebook , InstaGram, Twitter, Microsoft’s “Live” service (hotmail, photo sharing etc), at youtube, and on Badger and Blade classic shaving community. You might also bump into me on the major Australian news services (, I have commenced writing about fitness in Sydney or beyond over at Westie Fitness.

You can find Bec on Facebook and Twitter, or over at the blogsite I should have known to grab first… Westy Central!

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