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Staying Honest on WestyFit

Weekly fitness blog update. I’m not being lazy, that’s for sure!

Westie Fitness

It’s a Monday… well it was when I sat down!Image

I’m thinking that a weekly update of my fitness blog might be a great target, and if anything unusual happens I can always do some extra fitness writing.

Looking on MapMyRun, I started using their app on Christmas Eve – so I’ve just finished my second week of using the MapMyRun app. So far I’ve been generally happy with the app, but there have been some definate times when it has annoyed me – I would have to say they have all been “user error” but the app was not very forgiving/obvious in either case. So far they have been one-offs… the good news is the app permits me to manually record entries, which I have done when my own mistakes prevent electronic recording of my activities.

This week, I passed 50km of mainly running. While initially…

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My second Fitness blog

My second Fitness blog.

Westie Fitness

So far I’m still in my first week of training. It has been rough!

My thighs are killing me! The temperature has been swinging like a pendulum, hot now cold and raining. My technology assistance has been a bit sporadic, I started with one app which let me down – not only the app but also the support. However, Map My Run has been looking after me quite nicely. So far I have tracked my run “around the block*” twice with that application and it’s served the purpose splendidly, as well as helping me track my cool-down walks, my trips to the swimming pool, and my swimming sessions.

However, one of my swimming sessions had to be cancelled – due to the massive storm we experienced on Christmas Eve, the outdoor pool was closed in case of lightning, while at the same time the indoor pool is closed for repair.

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Who are we to define communication for other people? Given the struggles we’ve had with our youngest, I personally will acccept any method or medium that my children feel comfortable with.
I know that the methods I use to communicate didn’t exist for my parents. The methods my parents used to form a community are totally alien to me. Now in their 70’s, my parents seem to “text” or “sms” more than I do.
I Love to recieve a text message. It means “somebody wants to tell me something.” I never see an sms as an invitation to converse. I have no idea why that is…
Similarly, I have two types of phone conversation: “I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Bye!” is the main one, the other one is an aimless conversation that will go for three or so hours…

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