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Silent Sunday: Wrapping up a busy weekend.

My limited images of a busy weekend as captured on Twitter and Instagram

Sold my ute!

And I also…

Moved my daughter to the back room

Then I …

Took Magpie to Ikea

Before finally

Put a non carpet mat in the back of my ute


The old blue girl is gone :'(

Today, I said goodby to MY first ute. 😥
As an Aussie bloke, that’s a pretty sad thing.

Even worse, my wife (@Westybec) still has one!
Goodbye blue ute, you were a massive drama. But it was great being a ute driver!

My first ute. Gone.

Transport Tuesday

Differences between Sydney and Canberra are stunning, and amazing, and often, simple.

Almost everyone in Canberra knows that where-ever they are, anywhere else in Canberra is about 20 minutes – and certainly no more than 30 minutes – away by car. This is most certainly my experience in traveling from Weston Creek to “near Queanbeyan” every morning and back each evening.

On top of this, it seems to be very unusual for a major road to cross through a school zone. This is lucky, because unlike New South Wales, those school zones are in effect from 8:30 am all the way through to 4:00 pm.
I will be writing a bit more in the coming weeks about the major routes I have used to get around Canberra. Hopefully this will build into something useful as the weeks tick over!

Hello? It’s supposed to be SPRING

There are crazy things going on with the weather.

On the SNOW.
In the NSW Blue Mountains, in SPRING.
Pic thanks to ABC (Australia) News website.

At least unlike some I was coming from the South, and was able to avoid the road closures with only a slight detour.
If you’re travelling, or if you’re home and it’s rough, stay safe.

Short, hectic, none-too-pleasant week

Some weeks, it’s really lucky they are as short as they are, so we can hit the timer and start afresh.

This week has been very full of activity. I drove up the coast and back last weekend. Had a weekday at home, quite unusual for me. Became embroiled in some online shenanigans, which I will go into no further detail. Work has been action packed.

At least it’s almost Friday.

Tonight, that’s it, I’m done. I truly hope to have more meaningful dialogue tomorrow!

I am however very much looking forward to a “regular” weekend, which I feel like I have not had for about six weeks now.

Transport Tuesday

That there is the wonderful ute that took me to and from Canberra for the last six months, along with a fair bit of other motoring since August last year.

While it caused me some trouble, this was hand in hand with the poor thing being used for far more than I had purchased it to do. In my motoring life, this has been a sure-fire recipe for failure.

It is now up for sale with about 240,000 km on the speedo, along with a hopeful price but a realistic attitude from me regarding the sale. It’s not something I relish, and I have every expectation that several people will be telling me how they would be able to obtain quite a bit more money for such a car than I will – buy they will wait till I sell it to come forward with this pearl of wisdom, I’m sure!

Transport Tuesday

Today marked the start of a short week post the Labour Day weekend in NSW and ACT (along with most of Australia). So happily, my first trip from Sydney to Canberra in my new car was on Transport Tuesday – it was meant to be!

I had been concerned earlier that a smaller car than my Rodeo ute would be a bother on the road. It has proven itself in over 1200 kilometers to just eat up the road. I arrived at work this morning feeling better than any first day of the working week since I had started work in Canberra. This was a combination of a large range of all the features which have made their way into a base model car in the last ten years, when both my wife’s and my own utes were built, and today.

Less than one week after purchase, my car is booked in for it’s 1000km service. I feel it is well and truly “run in” and looking to be a firm member of the family for a while to come. Happy motoring!

Road Tripped

Headin’ home. Picture thanks to my darling wife!

We’ve had the new car delivered. We’ve gone “Wow!” at the shiny newnessness of it all. It’s had its’ maiden voyage complete with children, and today, it had a peaceful, quiet, wonderful, blissful trip back home again, with the kids left behind at Nan and Pops house.
I love my kids. I can tell, by how wonderful it makes me feel to leave them with family!
Seriously, in small doses – all three for short amounts of time, or any one of them for quite long times – they are great. But all together, they gang up on us really quickly.

Which is why it’s so fantatstic that Bec’s mum is taking all three of the kids for a week. The emotional respite is as important as the phyiscal respite. Added to that, the respite from having to be phyiscally responsible for the safety of a child who is quite unreliable at respnding in any way to his own name, in any situation whatsoever.

Our trip home was fantastic. We could stop, with or without any discussion beforehand. We stopped for lunch, when we felt like it. We wandered around, and when we had enough of the shops, we left!

We didn’t head straight home. We stopped and at dinner, by wandering around Blacktown, and finding somewhere we felt like eating! It has to be at least ten times as hard to find a place for five people to eat, as it is to find a place for two people to eat.

By Tuesday, when I arrive in Canberra, my new car will have ticked over 1,000 km, and be ready for its’ first service – it will have been well and truly run-in. So far, it’s been fantastic. I hope it gives us a lot more happy family motoring, as well as reliable and economical “professional” motoring getting me between Sydney and Canberra, over the coming years.

Some days are diamonds…

Some days are stones.
Today was more of a stone than a diamond, and if I could drop it and I’ve on as though it had never happened I think I would.
Here in New South Wales, we celebrate the success of the labour movement each year with a public holiday on the first Monday in October. That makes today the Friday of a long weekend, a great reason for a road trip in a brand new car. Which it just so happens I have – a cool looking red family wagon.

So Bec and I load up the wagon with the kids and luggage and hit the road North to her parents place. At about the se time that 40% of Sydneysiders are all also hitting the same road heading North out of Sydney, for the one long weekend of the school holidays, smack bang in the middle of the holiday.

A long road trip isn’t too bad.
A kid having a meltdown isn’t too bad.
Both at the same time though really pushes my buttons. I’m really glad Bec’s mum is the type of person we can leave these kids with for a week, and that on Sunday I won’t have the kids with me for the trip home to Sydney.

I am looking forward to being at the beach with my kids tomorrow though!

The new car!

The new car!

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