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Audience with the Devil – Hilltop Hoods

Listened to the Hilltop Hoods discography on the way home from Canberra after work on Friday. This one struck a chord.


Ready for home

My first full working week of the year. It can’t finish soon enough!
In typical style I’ve been back in Canberra over a week, and they are still trying to get me “onboarded.” I’m really looking forward to being able to really get stuck into some real work.

Even more annoying than my own work, though, has been my efforts to deal with Sydney based real-estate agents. So it seems I will have a slightly stressful weekend lined up if I intend to secure an investment this financial year.

A busy month!

My start to December is only a preview of what is to come. The rest of this week remains busy for me, both at work, and with Magpie due to be presented with an academic award tomorrow before celebrating his birthday on Friday. I will then have one more week of work before rapping up for the year, and heading home in time for my wife’s birthday on Christmas Eve.

We all know what happens on the 25th, of course!

Given our start to 2013, it may well be that we are hitting the road between Christmas and New Year – but that so far is still a long way away, so I’m not aiming to forecast that far ahead. And somewhere in all of this, I need to line up work for 2013 – either more of what I am already doing, or “opportunities with an alternative employer” as some might say.

But before that, I have a really busy day tomorrow – work in the morning, part of a training course in the mid afternoon, then back to work from 5pm “until it’s finished” hopefully again before midnight (but quite possibly, not). So for tonight, it’s a short post about how busy I think I’m going to be from now until we start 2013.

In the Capital for the weekend

This weekend, work is a Bit Busy. Of course, there is a possibility that it could be less busy if they were better organised… but they refuse to listen to me, so well they are doomed to be busy 😉

Given my current employment situation, I have taken the opportunity to maximise my immediate earning possibilities. This is of course at the cost of my Spending Time with My Family Opportunities. It is a risk but one I am forced right now to make.

When I make hard decisions like this, I much prefer to find that my time is spent well and productively, achieving As Much As Possible. However, tonight I found that my time was not used at all for what was intended for me to do. At one point it seemed as though I had simply been delayed about four hours in leaving Canberra for my trip home. Instead, it ended up that I was able to hang around in isolation and get some preparatory work done for the coming weekend.

I am very hopeful that the mornings coming will be great, and I will be able to enjoy Canberra, before heading to the office in the mid afternoon. I hope your coming weekend is a calm before the storm that is the Festive Season.

The good news, and the not-yet-news

After seeking some information from work for several weeks, I finally got an update today.

Not directly. Not formally. Informally, by accident, by asking a tangential question following on from another question.

I have finally found out how many more days of work they would like me to do this year, and “if they are to have me back next year,” when they want me from, next year.

The good news is, the project team I am on deem me critical and want me to take the shortest possible time off.

The not-yet-news is, they don’t actually get much say in who comes back after Christmas, that decision is still to be released. So I either get the rediculously short time of two weeks holidays in the middle of the Australian summer, or… my current employment finishes the Friday before Christmas. It will be incredibly annoying if this same situation occurs two years running.

Need a multitalented Information Technololgy Professional? Let me know!

School camp

Today, my little Magpie has gone away on school camp. I think. Either that or I am in Canberra and I’ve got the day wrong …
However even if I have the day incorrect the point remains unchanged: he is as excited as all hell about his camp. He is in the wonderful situation that he has been on a few camps now and he seems to love them. It is a quirk of his mix of personality and makeup that as I was at his age, he is happy to engage with anyone. Everyone is a friend, it’s just that some friends he has yet to meet.

So far he is yet to come home from a camp disappointed, however he did express some annoyance that rappelling and rock climbing have both been removed from the list of activities.

Good luck at your camp Magpie. It will be great.


Hello? It’s supposed to be SPRING

There are crazy things going on with the weather.

On the SNOW.
In the NSW Blue Mountains, in SPRING.
Pic thanks to ABC (Australia) News website.

At least unlike some I was coming from the South, and was able to avoid the road closures with only a slight detour.
If you’re travelling, or if you’re home and it’s rough, stay safe.

Short, hectic, none-too-pleasant week

Some weeks, it’s really lucky they are as short as they are, so we can hit the timer and start afresh.

This week has been very full of activity. I drove up the coast and back last weekend. Had a weekday at home, quite unusual for me. Became embroiled in some online shenanigans, which I will go into no further detail. Work has been action packed.

At least it’s almost Friday.

Tonight, that’s it, I’m done. I truly hope to have more meaningful dialogue tomorrow!

I am however very much looking forward to a “regular” weekend, which I feel like I have not had for about six weeks now.

Best of both worlds

Tomorrow, two wonderful things happen for the Westie family: Our kids return to school (alathough, there is some sort of industrial disruption going on… ), and thanks to the quirks of my own work arrangement, I stay home thanks to a public holiday.

My youngest son, who has Autism, will be over the moon to be back in his routine school setting. His school holidays have been quite limited in their routine: he spent the first week at home, then a weekend in the car, followed by a week with his grandparents, before finally returning home today. The change from home to his grandparents provided some stressful moments for not just himself, but it seems his brother, sister, and both grandparents. His brother, Magpie, seems to have handled the stress the least successfully of everyone.

And tomorrow, they are back to school. We are aiming this term to get Magpie into some form of assessment, and there are a range of diagnoses which would be unsurprising to either Bec, myself, or his teachers.

The flipside is the wonderful public holiday in the Australian Capital Territory, “Family & Community Day“. It’s a new one on me, having only ever worked in New South Wales before (which does not celebrate anything similar to this day). Even though my family will be either at work or at school, I will be staying home, and will make the most of my opportunity to have an extra night with Bec and the kids. In the spirit of the day, I hope you have some extra connection to your family or local community tomorrow.

Transport Tuesday

Today marked the start of a short week post the Labour Day weekend in NSW and ACT (along with most of Australia). So happily, my first trip from Sydney to Canberra in my new car was on Transport Tuesday – it was meant to be!

I had been concerned earlier that a smaller car than my Rodeo ute would be a bother on the road. It has proven itself in over 1200 kilometers to just eat up the road. I arrived at work this morning feeling better than any first day of the working week since I had started work in Canberra. This was a combination of a large range of all the features which have made their way into a base model car in the last ten years, when both my wife’s and my own utes were built, and today.

Less than one week after purchase, my car is booked in for it’s 1000km service. I feel it is well and truly “run in” and looking to be a firm member of the family for a while to come. Happy motoring!

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