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Staying Honest on WestyFit

Weekly fitness blog update. I’m not being lazy, that’s for sure!

Westie Fitness

It’s a Monday… well it was when I sat down!Image

I’m thinking that a weekly update of my fitness blog might be a great target, and if anything unusual happens I can always do some extra fitness writing.

Looking on MapMyRun, I started using their app on Christmas Eve – so I’ve just finished my second week of using the MapMyRun app. So far I’ve been generally happy with the app, but there have been some definate times when it has annoyed me – I would have to say they have all been “user error” but the app was not very forgiving/obvious in either case. So far they have been one-offs… the good news is the app permits me to manually record entries, which I have done when my own mistakes prevent electronic recording of my activities.

This week, I passed 50km of mainly running. While initially…

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