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Tiny Giants

Yesterday, again, we ventured out to the “Land of the Giants” otherwise known as “Rooty Hill” or “(the) BOP”.

We had a great day with Princess P playing in her Junior AFL game, then joining Magpie and a bunch of Auskickers for a skill training session with some help from the GWS Giants. Almost every parent there looked around at least once during the morning and said something like “it’s a waste if they leave this place unused any weekend of the year“, in no small part because it was so darn well run compared to events at random local council playing fields.

The day even started at a moderately civilised 10:00 am.

Which left plenty of room for the evil mischief genies to run riot between getting out of bed, having breakfast, and getting into the car. In fact by the time we were in the car I was starting to wonder what the devil we were leaving the house for. But the option is staying home.

It turned a bit chaotic when the kids weren’t both at the same place, back-to-back, but this meant I got to really watch how much better Princess P is now than she was last year – or even, at the start of this year. Apparently the coach noticed too, because she got a coaches award (again)! It’s great because, although her skills might not be the same as some of the boys she’s playing with, her attention to what the coach wants each player to do is fantastic, and she thinks more about her game than a lot of the boys do (who’d rather just kick the bladder right out of ball , no matter where it goes).

So there I was, with Bec having headed some other direction with Magpie (to the other field for Auskick), with BTB Fan on the side of a footy field. With no convenient play area, he did what boys do and turned some random thing into a toy.

He happened to choose “the fence” – which I’m guessing was at least 2m high. His game consisted of climbing to the top, then letting go.

Great. huh?

So I spent the morning alternating between watching footy, and assisting someone who didn’t want assistance to not fall down a fence. Then when the Junior game finished we wandered over to the skill session, which was not so spectacular for Princess P’s age group but really good for Magpie & his team-mates. This gave BTB Fan the perfect opportunity to do something that he hardly gets any decent opportunity to do: roll down the hill.

Clearly there’s some sensory seeking going on there, and I know it was the type of thing I loved doing at that age too. So why is it so unusual and why did so many people give us strange looks that he is allowed to “play“?

For anyone not already knowing: The GWS Giants are the newest team in the AFL due to join  the main competition in 2012.

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