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A busy month!

My start to December is only a preview of what is to come. The rest of this week remains busy for me, both at work, and with Magpie due to be presented with an academic award tomorrow before celebrating his birthday on Friday. I will then have one more week of work before rapping up for the year, and heading home in time for my wife’s birthday on Christmas Eve.

We all know what happens on the 25th, of course!

Given our start to 2013, it may well be that we are hitting the road between Christmas and New Year – but that so far is still a long way away, so I’m not aiming to forecast that far ahead. And somewhere in all of this, I need to line up work for 2013 – either more of what I am already doing, or “opportunities with an alternative employer” as some might say.

But before that, I have a really busy day tomorrow – work in the morning, part of a training course in the mid afternoon, then back to work from 5pm “until it’s finished” hopefully again before midnight (but quite possibly, not). So for tonight, it’s a short post about how busy I think I’m going to be from now until we start 2013.


Thanks Variety

One event I have missed out on by being in Canberra, is my kids attending the Variety Club Christmas Party for kids for 2012. That’s OK, you can check out some of the pictures on my wife’s instagram feed.

I will dedicate tonights’ post to saying thank you to Variety. Along with a few other organisations, Variety have given my kids some opportunities to participate in things like a Christmas Party in an environment where if a meltdown happens, or some child gets too excited, “that’s OK.”

Things like KidsFlicks, where about 1 in 3 kids were in a wheelchair. And like us, none of the families had been to the cinema as a family ever before in the lives of their disabled child.

But today is all about Variety. Thank you Variety! You do fantastic work, and if any of my readers can share in the shout out that will be a case of the more, the merrier. Or even better, dig deep and help pay for them to provide opportunities like they have today for other children.

Success for 2012

It’s fast approaching.

The end of the year. Time to review where we are at.

How does a family, a parent, measure success? They look to the children.

My wife has advised that in the next couple of weeks our youngest gets a citizenship badge (not bad for a seldomly verbal boy with autism), his brother gets an academic achievement award, and their sister will hopefully be provided a Student Leader role of one form or another.

On her own front, my wonderful wife has managed to continually improve the state of our home, in the same year as she has returned to work on a rather chaotic basis, in the same year as she has continued to lose weight, while becoming fitter, and dealing with a husband (ME!) who is now only home a couple of days a week.

I have managed my transition from public servant, to casual phone monkey, to contracting ICT professional, travelling away from home. The team I am working in, has been doing OK in changing an organisation from a mish mash of obsolete crap, to a modern computer system. It is a big job and our part is a small but important one, we have done it well with sketchy support and at time poor tools, using in the main people who came to work to do quite a different task to the ones they find themself doing.

So far, so good, and tomorrow it’s the last day of Spring.

I hope your year has been as good as mine, so far!

Inspired by Wonderfully Wired

Apparently an op shopping fan, well according to her tweets.

Take me to the river….

Those of us in Sydney know the weather has been all over the place lately.
Combined with that, well, it’s “that time of year” – approaching the end of term 4, kids all over Australia are “losing their shit” over more and more trivial issues.

Our sanity had a brief reprieve thanks to Princess P being invited to a sleep-over birthday party on Saturday night. Apparently it was a massive success. Six nine year old girls asleep on the floor in the same room… what was the mother of the birthday girl thinking?? 😉

Sunday morning was off to a great start then as Bec took Magpie for a drive to collect Princess P. BTB Fan was left to his own devices, in coming up with ways to keep his father and nine adorable puppie dogs (and their two parent dogs!) amused. And then there was that small issue of “mowing the lawn” (for the last time ever with our cantankerous POS victa…). But all in all, a peaceful morning. With a polite but assertive son happily occupying himself and as he needed to checking in with his father.

This was doomed to fail of course, and it did, within moments of Magpie and Princess P returning. Squabbling kids, hot weather, and a dad who’d just finished mowing the lawn in the leadup to Sydney summer sunny Sunday… yuck.

Rescue came in the form of a call to go to the river. We happen to live a short (enough) drive from Windsor where there is a great river beach on the Hawkesbury river. BIG sandhill, long dog-friendly beach, no waves… only downside is it’s river water but as a country kid who grew up a long way from the surf, that’s no real downside at all!

Apparently there’s not much better to do on a hot sunday than roll down the sandhill, wash the sand off in the river… and do it all over again.

All I know is, Sunday night was a lot calmer than early Sunday afternoon!

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