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Magpie and Old Man Westie

Magpie and Old Man Westie – cooking the snags

I took this photo of my father and my elder son, while my parents were coming through Sydney with their newly aquired Winebago. They were happily showing it off while simultaneously complaining about the range of trivial defects – defects they feel should not have been there given the price of the vehicle. I understand these have been fixed…

Magpie absolutely loves to cook sausages, and feels very hard done by if a weekend goes past without an opportunity to have sausage sandwhiches.


Fathers Day 2012

Today in Australia we celebrated Fathers Day.

For my family and I it was quite a happy day, although, as is normal for my Sundays it has ended in a rush. As I am writing this, Bec is still cooking our dinner, while ironing my shirts, so I can pack my car and get to bed for my oh-my-god-it’s-early start.

Within my own family, and my circle of people I call friends, I know I am blessed: I have friends and relatives who remember the father who has passed on with fond sadness each Fathers Day, and other relatives for whom Fathers Day is a day to grieve their children who have passed before them. I am blessed that neither of these challenges yet confront me. My heart goes out to anyone in either of these situations.

And of course, there are those mothers doing both jobs. Particularly in this suburb, there are no shortage of mums doing double duty as both mum, and Dad. Some of them, are also faced with the challenge that is a child on the Autism spectrum, or facing some other challenge in this life. Through luck, hard choices, or lifes blessings, that is also something I am not haveing to struggle with.

Whoever you are. Wherever you are. I hope you spare a thought for your father, and the father of your children, today, as you do on every day.

My father on the left, with his brother. Taken at my fathers 70th birthday party.


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