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Puppies: 2012

Today, my wife was fantastically clever enough to rehome the last of seven puppies.

We all know, puppies are cute.

Cute, but destructive.

Especially when their mum is a pure working breed, and their dad is half malamute.

The pups were born on my daughters birthday, July 1. So they are now ten weeks old. Which means, “too old to stay hanging around with mum” in dog-years.

Sure, the puppies were having a ball.

My kids were having a ball.

Even random visitors were having a pretty good time.

Some chickens were not having such a great time, though.

Our back yard, stopped having a great time a few weeks ago.

And I have been planning to have a weekend away this coming weekend for quite a few weeks now.

So in closing.

Pups are great. Especially, when they all find new homes.


And then there were ONE

Six gone, Annie still looking for a new set of owners

On my daughters birthday, my dog Lizzie gave birth to a litter of seven puppies.

Almost immediately, I was able to sell one of them when I arrived at work the following day. These puppies have become a part of our family very quickly, both in adding responsibilities to my childrens’ lives, and in providing another common theme around our family interacting. Feeding, playing, cuddling, socialising – all very important activities in the lives of a young pup, and equally important in the lives of my own children.

Now this week, these recent additions to my family have started to move on.

To the point where only one of the pups has not yet been either handed onto new owners, or promised to new owners.

Lizzie – the mother – is very typical of working dog mothers, being rather disinterested in the pups from a relatively young age – then being concerned when they get collected and taken out the gate by new owners. I am very interested to see how different things are when I get home this weekend, not only for the children but also for the chickens, cat and dogs, with so few (if any!) pups hanging around.

OMFG It’s the end of another weekend!!

Wow! How can one family fit so much into one weekend??
I had a very late finish to my working week, but still made it home at a sensible time to find a not-very-well wife and daughter along with two bouncing off the walls healthy sons.

I had also been wrangling with the people from an online classified advertising site in trying to list some pups to sell.

The sick female members of the house I dealt with in the most caring of male manners – I left them alone as much as I possibly could. I did this on Saturday by taking my two boys for a swim in the local pool. BTB Fan had a ball, going so far as to get fully underwater. He really enjoyed having the whole pool to himself – as it was such a dismal day the place was virtually unoccupied.

My Sunday started again with letting the girls sleep as late as I could. The as for the pups had gone live, and some emails started trickling in. I left the house for a while, and Bec rang me asking “just how much are we asking for each of these pups?

By the time I got home, it was to confirm two sales. So we have finished the weekend on quite a positive note.

If next weekend gives more opportunity for rest, I won’t be complaining.

Silent Sunday

Magpie and Old Man Westie cooking lunch

Hitting the road in Gran and Grandpa’s Winnebago

BTB Fan. Places to go, bikes to ride, snags to eat

BTB Fan makes an important step with packing away

and their proud – but tired – mum

Growing puppies

Guitar Hero Addict aka Magpie tears down the track, having a crack before the footy starts

Well earned family feast

Silent Sunday

In a homage to Wordless Wednesday, I’ve decided to take to a Silent Sunday theme for a couple of weeks, because Sundays typically are far from my day-of-rest.

Here’s the week that was, according to ImaWestie on Instagram (er, Webstagram).

Monday 16 July – Sign

If “y” is good, then “yy” must be doubly good

Tuesday 17 July – My Addiction

My addiction... either coffee, or alcohol?

When the Maccas version is good enough, you know it’s an addiction

Wednesday 18 July – Plate

Mmmm. Timtams.

Thursday 19 July – Animal

With puppies like these around, what choice did I have?

Friday 20 July – Eyes

Scarey photo of my own good self. My eyes are distinctly different shades of brown.

Saturday 21 July – 9 o’clock

Bob The Builder Fan attempts to mix with the other kids at football

Sunday 22 July – Upside Down

The fallout of a football game


Lessons in life

New life. It doesn't get much newer... without being yuck!

While Princess P might be the only one to have really noticed the start of this life lesson – the boys are going to notice the next few weeks.

Guitar Hero Addict has shown himself to be very well behaved around kittens and other young life in the past, and it seems he is something of a “chook whisperer”.

So we are hoping that BTB Fan will find that the new lives coming into our home (briefly) to be a joyful experience.

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