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Professionally Challenged

Today was a great day. And at the same time it was terrible.

I was faced not once but twice to make choices, which could be profitable in the here-and-now, but possibly leave me feeling unhappy with myself.

I was offered a great opportunity regarding the job I had last year. However, it came with a suggestion I felt uncomfortable with. So right now I’m in a slightly uncertain situation where I may have said something which may ultimately rule me out of a job.

In the second instance, again about a job – I applied for what seemed to be a very casual job which might keep mr occupied, but I had no intent to make too much of a priority. I interviewed for it last week, and my experience leaves me far and away a suitable candidate. But today I felt I simply had to say that what I found at the interview was a far longer running project which would see me as a fairly fundamental – albeit lowly paid – participant in. But I felt I was not able, at the rate they are offering, to commit to the timeframe they are planning.

So. Possibly, my ethics have stood fairly hard tests this week, but so far I feel sound in my decisions.

Here’s hoping only one of these choices has cost me any money. Because the other, will rapidly make good any losses from the first.


End of the world


Today, as predicted by the Mayans, the world ended.

Not only for me, but for many of my colleagues in Canberra. Today, regardless of how much of the job remained yet to be commenced – we were directed to down tools and return home.

At this stage for most of us it seems there will not be the same job to come back to next year. For some of us there may be a new job in much the same team. For others comes the chance to “pursue other opportunities”. Yeah, right, as if any us wish to do that at Christmas?

For a second year running, I am facing Christmas “between jobs”. This year I am better prepared.

Four days, and the countdown is on.

Last man standing

Work is leaving me feeling a bit like this cat at the moment. The good news is, it will be over tomorrow.

Final Countdown

Three days left in Canberra.
Well, two nights, two days.

My to-do list is pretty slim. The highest priority is “seek gainful employment beyond Christmas day.” That’s a pretty short list, with a few additional – quite optional! – items that may attempt to interfere with that main one item.

I am quite happy though that I have now completed a qualification, in addition to my contracting experience I am finishing 2012 a far more marketable product than I was at the start of the year.

A final busy week

Today, I got the news I have been waiting for, for a little while. My contract is at an end, because the government department I work for is out of money for the work they are only half way through.

In good news, I have been applying for a number of roles, and getting call-backs. It seems I have even been getting callbacks based on resumes which are now quite old… I asked one recruiter to send me the most recent resume they have for me and it was TWELVE MONTHS OLD! So now I send them my current resume I should look even better, right?

All the best for the lead up to Christmas.

/Westie kicks the dirt…


Me? Yep, I got ’em.

This week, I will pull out the old, battered, “life got in the way” card. I’m not going to brag, but I will say I have just worked 13 days straight and some of them involved working more than 13 hours in a row. Several days, I finished work, drove home, went to bed, woke up and returned to work.

Today, I managed to buy my son his birthday present. This involved lining up at a very popular (because it’s cheap!) store in Sydney, and buying him a headset for the computer. He is hoping to make Minecraft themed videos, featuring his character doing whatever it is you do in Minecraft, commentated by him. Not bad, for a bloke who has just turned nine years old.

Tonight, we celebrated both me being in the same city as my family, and my sons birthday, by hitting a regular haunt. It was great, but I’m exhausted.

I’m sorry, that I have dropped the ball on my blog-a-day. I’m also going to say up front that it’s going to have a few more missed days between today and 31/12/12. I hope your own count-down to Christmas is going well – assuming of course that the Mayans were wrong, and we all get to celebrate Christmas 2012!

A busy month!

My start to December is only a preview of what is to come. The rest of this week remains busy for me, both at work, and with Magpie due to be presented with an academic award tomorrow before celebrating his birthday on Friday. I will then have one more week of work before rapping up for the year, and heading home in time for my wife’s birthday on Christmas Eve.

We all know what happens on the 25th, of course!

Given our start to 2013, it may well be that we are hitting the road between Christmas and New Year – but that so far is still a long way away, so I’m not aiming to forecast that far ahead. And somewhere in all of this, I need to line up work for 2013 – either more of what I am already doing, or “opportunities with an alternative employer” as some might say.

But before that, I have a really busy day tomorrow – work in the morning, part of a training course in the mid afternoon, then back to work from 5pm “until it’s finished” hopefully again before midnight (but quite possibly, not). So for tonight, it’s a short post about how busy I think I’m going to be from now until we start 2013.

Twice in nine months

This weekend for the second time since March 2012, I have stayed in Canberra for the weekend, rather than return home to Sydney. And a bit like last weekend, it’s not like I made that fantastic a use of my time here in Canberra.

This time, my time was devoted to work. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from early afternoon through to the (very?) late evening, I worked. Which just at the moment is a Good Thing, but I’m glad it doesn’t happen too often.

As it so happened, the work itself was quite good: I participated in quite a significant piece of work in not too junior a role, having a real say in the work other people were doing and helping it stay on track. Like with many things, the second time around was quite simple compared to the first, with the added benefit in that I was able to set things up the way that worked for me.

This is still leaving me though, between a rock and a hard place, with what I will be doing with myself come mid January. It seems my work has plenty left to do, but possibly, they wish there was more money on hand than there actually is to get it done. I’m hoping this can work to my benefit.

I’m also hoping that if I do retain my current role, I will be working as few weekends in 2013 as I did in 2012, because my kids are more important than anything else.

In the moment

Our lives are made up of moments.

Most of them are joined by some fairly trivial ways to fill in time. But it is the moments that define our lives.

In a class you’ve been taking for two years, and not the teacher, but some random student says something when they ask a question or interject – and it all goes “click.”

Meeting the person you are destined to be with.

Marrying that person.

Having kids with that person.

Landing THE job.

There are many more. And some of us manage to have very special moments more often than others. Why is that?

I have a theory, that some of us have moments because we are better equipped to identify what a moment is, and that they are important so we should strive for them and capture them when they occur. Our moments give us a sense of our lives, they are what we are able to tell people about where we went to school, the reasons it was special, what was great about any one of our jobs.

I have one very fantastic moment from a course on my first job. The rest of those two years are somewhat of a blur, and as time goes by I remember less and less about 1993 to 1995. But the moment is strong in my mind.

Last night, I worked. I was helping people all over Australia change the way the computers in a dozen or so offices are configured to work. There was certainly a moment in there, but I was so wrapped up in that moment that I did not step back and look at everything at once (which in fact is no small part of what I was there to do). So what could have been stopped as a stumbling point became the focus of a snowball, and that moment has become a much larger event.

I’m off to do much the same thing today. I hope I have learned from yesterday: when the moment arrives, don’t be put off from taking a step back to take it all in.


The good news, and the not-yet-news

After seeking some information from work for several weeks, I finally got an update today.

Not directly. Not formally. Informally, by accident, by asking a tangential question following on from another question.

I have finally found out how many more days of work they would like me to do this year, and “if they are to have me back next year,” when they want me from, next year.

The good news is, the project team I am on deem me critical and want me to take the shortest possible time off.

The not-yet-news is, they don’t actually get much say in who comes back after Christmas, that decision is still to be released. So I either get the rediculously short time of two weeks holidays in the middle of the Australian summer, or… my current employment finishes the Friday before Christmas. It will be incredibly annoying if this same situation occurs two years running.

Need a multitalented Information Technololgy Professional? Let me know!

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